Saturday, 17 September 2011

Ruby Flipper

I've been enjoying the recent nostalgia-fest on BBC Four - the weekly repeats of Top of the Pops 1976 - because that was precisely the year, aged ten, I watched most avidly. I loved the show and never missed an episode if I could help it. But there's a puzzle: I have no recall whatever of the dance troupe, Ruby Flipper. I remember Pan's People well enough; I remember Legs and Co. though in neither case with any great affection. In those innocent, pre-pubescent days they were rather tiresome interludes; I wanted to see the bands. By the time I wanted to see the girls, I'd given up ToTP completely. So it's not really a surprise that Ruby Flipper don't feature in my I remember this 'live' in '76 moments; but not to remember them at all, not even any irritation at their half-naked cavorting to a tune I'd rather have seen mimed by the band? It's a mystery. Mind you, I rather think it would be a different story today. In googling them for this post I've found an entire site dedicated to the ToTP dance troupes as well as a bewildering and rather exciting array of YouTube videos of them in various stages of undress, of which this is one.

Oh yes,  these days it would've been a very different matter.