Saturday, 14 May 2011

Oh, Blogger!

Well, that was interesting wasn't it? Friday 13th certainly did for Blogger yesterday - and for all of us with blogger blogs! I still haven't heard what caused the 'outage'. This morning things seem back to normal; lost comments are slowly being restored; we can post again. But my, what a catastrophe. Twitter was abuzz with it, as - no doubt - were other social media sites. I was surprised not to hear it on the six o'clock news. But behind the hoo-ha lies a serious point: we forget to back-up at our peril.

Paranoid as I am, I not only keep a file back-up of my posts (that's easy enough on Blogger) but have a 'mirror' site on Wordpress. I like Blogger, like it a lot. It's easy, simple to use and - of course - free. I know a lot of 'pro' bloggers prefer Wordpress - self-hosted or not and there's a handy comparison to the two main rivals here. But being a user of both platforms I can honestly say I prefer Blogger.

Which doesn't mean, of course, that I'm not extremely grateful for my Wordpress 'shadow'. The fact that my blog exists in both worlds and there's a version standing by, ready to be brought out into the light of day should anything permanently untoward occur is a great comfort.

But then, if they both went down I would be stuck!

Now, where's my old typewriter?